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Campfire Cooking

Having a meal cooked over the campfire might be the best recovery for campers after a long and exhausting trekking day. At first, there are some cautions and safety guides for campfire cooking that should be considered. Dry wood, less wind, and an allowed place for campfire are 3 basic requirements to start with. Many […]

Camping Tips For Beginners

It’s great to take a break from busy city life and spend time outdoors. It would be great to breathe fresh air now and then and be one with nature. Camping is one way to escape the city’s noise. If you’ve never tried to go to camp and are afraid of it, this article will […]

Camping Gear

Before deciding what to take with you to camp, you should think about whether or not you are going to cook your daily meals, as this greatly interferes with what you may or may not have to take with you. WHAT TO TAKE TO CAMP: CHECKLIST FOR ALL CAMPS Basic items Necessary tent and accessories […]

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