Fishing Tips

There’s plenty of advice floating out there about fishing. While some of it might be very interesting, there’s plenty of information for professional anglers, semi-pro anglers, or it’s refreshed knowledge that may or may not differ from the advice you ‘d get when you first start after some fish.

1. Leave a bit of a baiting hook. I like to make sure that some of the pointed areas show, as this gives you a better chance to set the hook.

2. Just because offshore fishing doesn’t mean you need to see how far you’re going. Fish is often closer to the shore. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve flown deep into my bobsleigh, felt pretty good about it, watched my grandson dive closer to the shore and catch fish. He’s letting me hear:-)

3. You ‘re going to do better on the windy side of the lake or pond. At the end of the day, the wind gathers floating insects, and the wave action churns food from the bottom.

4. Clearwater fishing involves non-fishing methods in turbid waters. Cut the worm, the line, and the size of the sinker to make it harder for the bass to see the lure.

5. Don’t overload your sink. Well, seriously, this is it. I know a lot of fishermen who love to add a lot of sinkers as they can throw a huge distance away. When the fish test the bait, they get a lot of resistance, leaving it alone.

We fishermen are funny, man. We fish from a boat, and we hunt offshore. We fish from the shore and see how far we ‘re going. We finally enjoy a lot of fishing, and that’s healthy.

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