Wilderness Survival

If your next adventure involves crossing a desert, as a good traveler you should be cautious and take the necessary precautions for any emergency, in case something goes wrong and you find yourself lost in these arid areas.

1. Keep negative thoughts away.

2. Fear, nerves, and panic drain your energy.

3. Think positive and make plans for when you return, so you motivate yourself.

4. Stay hydrated all the time. It takes 3 to 4 liters per person per day.

5. Do not try to extract water from cacti, as most are toxic.

6. It is better to search in mountain valleys or rocky hills for rainwater.

7. Whenever you approach a humid place, dig to find some water.

8. Ration water in order to prolong its duration.

9. Moisten the lips.

10. Do not eat since digestion requires a lot of energy from the body, and above all, large amounts of water.

11. You must not drink anything other than water, no other drink will serve you.

12. Sweat has a very important role in regulating temperature since it is through it that the body gets rid of excess heat.

13. Do not take your clothes off, this will act as a thermal bag that will retain the moisture from your sweat.

14. Do not spend a night without a coat, since the temperature drop during the night is abrupt.

15. Build a shelter where you can be safe from the conditions of the day.

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